New Partnership with Contentra Technologies

Dan Thompson
May 7, 2024
5 min read

In the digital age, safeguarding sensitive information has become a paramount concern. Predictably, these concerns loom particularly large in the realm of educational publishing. Protecting sensitive data in educational publishing has become increasingly crucial, and this trend will continue. As such, encrypted mass data storage has already become one of the digital frontiers currently being explored and developed. 

Due to this emerging need for encrypted mass data storage, we have inked our first major commercial data storage deal. 

Contentra: A New Frontier

Serenity Shield has partnered with Contentra Technologies to address concerns associated with providing educational content in a fully digital world. As a leader in blockchain-based privacy solutions, we are thrilled to work with Contentra. For the unaware, Contentra is a distinguished provider of global educational content for entities as varied as BBC Studios, National Geographic, and Pearson. They face some unique data security challenges they believe Serenity Shield can solve. 

This collaboration between Serenity Shield and Contentra Technologies will set a new benchmark in digital content protection. It reflects a shared commitment to advancing secure and responsible data-handling practices. Ultimately, our success will lead to further success in blockchain technology in general. We represent one of the fundamental technological innovations for the next wave of digital adoption. 

Complications, Generally

Everyone has witnessed how quickly the world has embraced the digital world. It was primarily due to the global shutdown a few years ago and the repercussions of everyone going online that it created. The abruptness of the change has driven significant growth in practically every aspect of online/digital life. As with almost every market niche and industry, this trend has compelled companies that work in educational content to begin moving in a much more digital direction. 

The need to safeguard sensitive information in educational publishing has become increasingly crucial due to several issues. First, educational content often contains proprietary information. That might include anything from unique teaching methods to copyrighted texts to specialized research. Any of that sort of content could be of high value if misappropriated. 

Additionally, due to how global education has become, this sector frequently handles personal data related to students that must be kept entirely confidential. This includes all manner of private information, from grades to personal identifiers. These data are protected under laws such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) in the U.S. and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe. 

Breaches in data security in situations like this can lead to all manner of complications and trouble.  Outcomes could include potential legal repercussions, reputational damage, and the loss of trust among students, educators, and institutions. Maintaining robust OPSEC becomes an absolute must under these conditions. Securing this information is a matter of maintaining privacy and academic integrity, complying with legal standards, and protecting an institution's brand.

The Nature of the Partnership 

The collaboration between Serenity Shield and Contentra Technologies is not merely a business deal. This partnership represents the first step in forging a strategic alliance aimed at revolutionizing the way educational content is stored, accessed, and protected. Under this partnership, Serenity Shield will leverage its blockchain expertise to create a bespoke encrypted data storage solution tailored specifically for Contentra's needs. 

This development will eventually involve deploying Serenity Shield's acclaimed StrongBox® technology to secure 10 petabytes of critical educational content. This substantial data commitment indicates the scale of trust and responsibility placed on Serenity Shield's technology. Further, it hints at the potential future of blockchain as a critical must-have technological advantage. Blockchain technology's capacity to enhance data integrity and accessibility seems tailor-made for applications such as educational publishing. 

The partnership is structured to provide Contentra with enhanced control over its digital assets. This arrangement aims to ensure that their vast repository of educational materials will remain safeguarded against the evolving landscape of cyber threats and accessible when needed.

On the tokenomics end of things, the deal will play out as follows. In exchange for the 10 million gigabytes of storage, 1.2 million SERSH tokens will be purchased as payment. These tokens will then be utilized to pay the storage fees for the storage service. Of the 1.2 million SERSH tokens related to the partnership, 25% of them - 300K SERSH - will be burned, permanently removing them from circulation. Burning those tokens reduces the supply in a significant, measurable way. By permanently removing such a considerable portion of tokens from circulation, the team proves our commitment to our community. For more information about our deflationary tokenomics, we have explained everything in our whitepaper, available here.

For the Community

As intent as we have remained to keep our eyes keenly peeled to the horizon and our pedal firmly pressed to the metal, we did not want to forget about our fantastic community of supporters. In addition to the token burn discussed above, we are thrilled to announce that an additional 25% of the 1.2 million SERSH, another 300k tokens, will be allocated to our Serenity Revenue Share (SRS) pool. Crucially, these 300k tokens will translate into more rewards for our trusted StrongBox users who also hold the SERSH token. 

The team will distribute these rewards by the end of Q3. Doing so creates a tangible benefit for our community members, effectively positioning Serenity Shield as a Real World Asset and DEPIN company with real-world application.

Meeting the Future with Confidence 

As noted, the journey ahead for Serenity Shield and the blockchain industry presents us with opportunities and challenges. As we continue to innovate and expand our offerings, our focus remains on delivering solutions that meet the evolving needs of our users. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. Our partnership with Contentra will be the springboard that catapults us into deeper waters.

Serenity Shield sits in a prime market position. Successful deployment with Contentra means providing real digital solutions for real digital problems. We could not be happier with our new partnership. We anticipate continued success with this, but this is the first step.

With the support of our partners like Contentra, Serenity Shield will lead the way in the blockchain revolution. We will address many fundamental problems plaguing blockchain. In so doing, we will transform how the world views and utilizes technology for a more secure and efficient future, one happy user at a time.

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