Building the Future Together: Join the Incentivized Testnet

Dan Thompson
October 27, 2023
5 min read

Building the Future Together: Join the Incentivized Testnet

At Serenity Shield, we aim to do more than just providing a technological solution. We are a community-minded, grassroots project committed to building a safer and more private digital world. Our philosophy is rooted in collaboration, innovation, and empowerment.

For that reason, we are excited to announce the launch of the incentivized test net for our StrongBox DApp, in collaboration with our partners over at BonusBlock. This initiative is not just about testing a new product; this is about working hand-in-hand with our community to create something that benefits everyone in the space.

A Community-Minded Approach:

We believe that diverse minds coming together generates the best solutions. Our community is at the heart of everything we do. Their insights, feedback, and participation drive us forward. The StrongBox DApp test net reflects this philosophy. The Testnet provides an opportunity for all of us to learn, grow, and build together.

Gathering essential feedback from our community will be our primary goal of this testnet process. Your insights, recommendations, and hands-on experience will prove invaluable to us. By participating, you will contribute directly to improving and developing the DApp for future live mainnet versions. This process is not just about refining technology; this is about shaping a solution that resonates with the real needs and aspirations of our community.

How to Participate:

We invite and welcome participation from everyone. We have opened the process to anyone interested in taking part. For the time being, access will be limited to desktop devices for this version of the DApp. The following steps will walk you through how you can get started:

1. Install Necessary Wallet Browser Extensions: You will need three wallet browser extensions installed on your web browser: Keplr, & Metamask. These extensions are necessary for interaction with the Bonus Block platform and StrongBox DApp.

2. Watch the Tutorial: We are providing a step-by-step tutorial on accessing and using the DApp, provided here. Please watch it carefully in order to get started.

3. Access Bonus Block: Visit BonusBlock and connect using METAMASK.

4. Connect METAMASK Wallet: Ensure you register for SERSH rewards.

5. Access the StrongBox DApp: Explore the DApp and ensure you complete all steps. In order to be eligible for rewards, you must complete the minting process for the NFTs.

6. Submit Your Feedback: Use the attached form to share your thoughts.

By completing the entire process, you will become eligible for rewards that we will provide. As a token of our gratitude for your participation, we have set aside a 30,000 SERSH rewards pool for eligible participants. To be eligible, participants must complete all steps and successfully mint the NFTs. Your involvement is not just a contribution; we view this as a partnership, and we want to honor that relationship.

Dates for the Testnet:

The test net will run for foure weeks, from August 8th to 5th September. You should have ample time to explore the DApp’s features, provide feedback, and suggest improvements.


In the context of blockchain and cryptocurrency, a faucet is a service that provides small amounts of cryptocurrency for free or in exchange for completing simple tasks. Blockchain projects employ faucets in test environments in order to distribute tokens to users who want to participate in testing a new platform, application, or feature.

Here’s how faucets fit into the context of the StrongBox DApp test net:

  • Testing Environment: The incentivized test net provides us and our users with a controlled environment where users can explore and interact with the StrongBox DApp without using real funds. The faucets provide tokens that users can then utilize within this test environment.
  • Access to Features: By providing test tokens, these faucets enable users to access and use the features of the DApp that would normally require spending real assets. This approach allows users to fully explore and test the DApp’s functionality without any financial risk.
  • Encouraging Participation: Faucets can encourage participation in the test net by removing financial barriers. We recognize that some users might be hesitant to spend real funds on an untested platform. This way, you can participate freely and with confidence, providing our team with valuable feedback in the process.
  • Simulating Real-World Conditions: By using faucets to distribute test tokens, the testnet can simulate real-world conditions, allowing our team to observe how users interact with the DApp. This also helps us to identify any potential issues or areas for improvement.

In the case of the StrongBox DApp testnet, the faucets for TBNB and SCRT will provide test tokens that participants can use within the test environment. This enables participants to fully engage with the DApp, provide feedback, and contribute to its development without any financial commitment.

You can find the appropriate faucets at the following links:



The Next Step — Join Us:

We have arrived at an exciting time for the Serenity Shield team and our community. Your participation in the StrongBox DApp test net will not only provide us with valuable insights but also help shape the future of privacy and security in the blockchain space. Join us in this collaborative effort and be a part of something truly innovative.

For more information, please also join us on our Telegram channel. There, you will be the first to know about official project announcements and developments. Additionally, you can also find us on Twitter, Discord, and our website. Please visit our whitepaper and previous articles here for a more in-depth discussion of our project. We are always available on all of our platforms to assist with your questions.